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Taxiway and Airfield Guidance Sign Boards

We offer a wide range of taxiway guidance signs which have been designed to meet all your requirements. Our range of airport taxiway signs includes LED Signage for Airfield guidance, LED taxiway guidance signs, Distance To Go Markers (DTGM), Stand number indicators, and Parking stop signs.
Developed to meet multiple international specifications, we design and manufacture our signs with a focus on ensuring best-in-class quality, reliability and minimizing ongoing operating costs.
Our team has experience in designing and helping people choose the right runway signs. Contact us to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

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The body of the sign is manufactured from the powder-coated anticorrosive aluminum sheet and extrusion. The high-quality build creates a solid sign box structure that is water resistant as per airport specifications. The sign boards are strictly designed as per ICAO, FAA, and other international standards. The fascia sheet of specified thickness is used and the specially designed LEDs are used to illuminate the same. Although different light sources have been used internally, the ICAO candela requirements of 150cd for yellow taxiway information signs, 300cd for white used on a mandatory sign, and 30cd for red colors, again on mandatory signs, have always been achieved.

We have already supplied taxiway signages to many airports across India to multiple clients. To know more, feel free to contact us today...

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